Project of New Pavilions for associations for the town hall of Tiana

Project of New Pavilions for associations for the town hall of Tiana

A project structured around the landscape.

A project given by the public administration to provide associational facilities, brings forth a modular system consisting of structural ribs, repeated throughout a vast terrain, a vibrant element that can extend itself without altering the concept of the project.

The ramming structural elements, acting as hairpins integrated into the terrain, sort out the slope between the higher side of the access street to the site, and the lower and more reserved area, in which the facilities are placed. These latter are oriented towards the urban landscape, giving its back to the street. The blocks are integrated into the terrain: from the higher level only a light non-practicable landscaped roof is visible while the façade treatment of these blocks combine terracotta colors making it merge with the terrain.

A block is concealed by 5 modules. The proposal is to keep these blocks detached in order to grant access through stairs embedded into the terrain. The blocks are disposed along the site one after another, in a longitudinal direction, following a main axis which adapts to the level curves. This broken axis grants a low impact on the surroundings, mimicking the urban house typology of the area.

The space between the ribs defines the covered module. These covered spaces are defined by the user. Very flexible and free spaces. The iteration in extension of this structural element along the terrain and the layout following the broken main axis provide an organic appearance. The succession of hairpins generates a usable semi exterior/semi interior space, potentially coverable with canopies, awnings or vegetable elements, either on the roof plane or the vertical one. It hosts different ephemeral uses as fairs, markets, festivities…

All the materials are carefully chosen with the goal of minimizing the energy consumption and the ecological footprint, such as the laminated cedar wood GL24 quality with PEFC certificate as the element that composes the structure and the finishing of the constructions. The roof is formulated with industrialized materials such as Termochip TOH 15-80-19 untreated wood panels with an OSB finishing on the interior in order to provide a high thermal inertia, warmth and light appearance.

The first phase consists of 3 blocks (15 modules and 2 stairs): 2 incomplete blocks and one equipped block. The complete block, composed of 5 modules: one of toilets and storage, while the other 4 are 20m2 (215 sq ft) modules, which can be joined by retractable wooden doors that disappear between the cupboards, revealing a clear space of up to 80m2 (860 sq ft).


Town hall of Tiana


Maria Llongueres


736 m²



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