New Psychiatric building. Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital. Barcelona

©Lluís Casals

New Psychiatric building. Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital. Barcelona

NOMINEE #EUMiesAward2022 - FAD MEDAL AWARD 2020 (Interdisciplinary Association of Space Design)

The Psychiatry building, part of the Sant Joan de Déu hospital complex in Barcelona becomes — due to its position and volume — one of the main facades of the hospital. Its position, aligned to the Santa Rosa street and to the existing residential-use buildings, allows extending building to planning regulation limits, thus obtaining a building that takes full advantage of the building potential assigned to the site.

The building is used primarily for inpatient treatments and has upstairs areas for recreation and outdoor learning. This opens up the entire interior courtyard garden to general hospital use. This building connects to the hospital complex by the "umbilical cord" of different-coloured polycarbonate awnings that protect pedestrian traffic between the various structures.

Due to the building’s orientation and the views from the same, inpatient units are located on the south side, overlooking the interior garden and therefore connected to the rest of the hospital, while the north facade, aligned with the Santa Rosa street, features areas that do not require so much privacy, i.e., work areas, medicine preparation, as well as common rooms and offices.


Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital


Beatriz Sánchez


Esplugues del Llobregat. Barcelona


2.786,80 m²



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