Nursery school Tomas Viñas

Nursery school Tomas Viñas

The nursery is located at the end of the solar shared with the existing institute, in order to preserve the school activity of the elderly, respecting the privacity and independence of the youngest. Construction on the ground floor adapted to the small user scale. Perimeter with mixed fence; Work in the lower part and grate the top part in order to maximize transparency and enlarge the views of the two streets that surround it. Classrooms facing south, protected by a porch that guarantees sun protection and shelter. The rear area is resolved with a corrugated blind wall that faces the facade and separation with the largest school. This wall in its inner part transmits sinuous forms that contribute peace and foment the creativity. The patio is developed with platforms at different levels, adapting to the original terrain and giving great flexibility to play and creativity. Minimum maintenance: monolayer facades, aluminum IES carpentry, linoleum flooring and interiors woven and painted. All exteriors are covered with artificial stone. Resource and energy economy - The porch in front of the classrooms, provides great solar protection by encouraging isolation during summer, while in winter it allows the sun to penetrate into its interior. - Customization of white color in order to cause the maximum refraction of light and the minimal absorption of high temperatures.


Department of Public education of Catalonia, Spain.


Ramon Berenguer street. Mataró. Barcelona





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