Primary Health Care Center. La Seu d'Urgell

Primary Health Care Center. La Seu d'Urgell

Awarded 1rst prize Infraestructures

The building is a parallelepiped that adapts to the site and to the building depth regulations, which gives rise to a higher volume on Carrer del Orri, with three levels and a lower volume behind a single floor.

The largest volume recedes at the corner of the two streets, a fact that highlights the access area to the building, and also at the meeting with the neighboring lot. These two setbacks allow natural light to enter the waiting rooms on all floors. The very shape of the building allows us to arrange the blocks of consultations and waiting rooms and other functional units requested by the program. In this way, the order remains the same on all floors, which facilitates the use of the building by the user.

On the ground floor, the user access and service area is located, as well as the continuing care and health education care areas that require quick and easy access; and the pediatric area, avoiding the movement of cars and children through the rest of the floors of the center. On the first floor, the general medicine area is located. And on the second floor, the multipurpose and administrative area. In the basement are placed the facilities, warehouses and changing rooms. Taking advantage of the natural light and ventilation of the backyard.



Generalitat de Catalunya. CATSALUT


Rafael Delgado


La Seu d'Urgell. Lleida


1.793 m²



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