Project of New Pavilions for associations for the town hall of Tiana

Project of New Pavilions for associations for the town hall of Tiana

Plot with a privileged location, it is necessary to ensure its integration: buried building where the roof is transformed into the continuity of the superior park without being able to be practiced by security issues. The building is segregated with modules of 5 units each one. This fragmentation of the volume allows the correct integration into the terrain being able to adapt to the level curves. Also, it is a way to allow the construction in phases, requirement of the city council. Structure in the form of laminated wooden porticos that are repeated as ribs on the ground that will be covered or not as needed. In addition, the wood provides warmth in the interior counteracting the fact that the offices are buried. Classrooms and offices that can be aggregated using folding doors offering classrooms of 20m² up to 80m². The cover is low maintenance because it works with an automatic irrigation system and consists of aromatic plants and traces that have a slow growth, mutable according to the season of the year and will not be a visual barrier for the user who is strolling through the park.

Economy of energy resources

- Wooden structure with high quality of laminated pine wood, which guarantees that wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

- In order to reduce costs, it is sought that the same material that forms the closure.

- Vegetable cover with high thermal efficiency and little weight to ease the structure and not increase costs.


Town hall of Tiana


Maria Llongueres


736 m²



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